Feeds and Speeds. We're working hard to prepare the campaign, stay in touch so that we can tell you when all the marketing stuff is ready !

(the product already is....)

The prototype is ready and we already have the contacts with factories in China and France. But we can't launch it on our own. The scale of a product require investment for the molds for plastic injection, and for the electronic board stencils & SMD mount. So we're using Crowdfunding through Kickstarter in order to get enough order to start a batch with factories.

You're purchase on our crowfunding campaign will grant you one of the first Tim to come out of the factory, and will allow us to scale up and eventually to start offering it in the retailer market. Eventhough we and the factories are ready to go, it takes time to prepare a crowdfunding campaign because we'll have only 30days to sell enough product so we need people to talk about us before we even start. Please share it to your friends !

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January 2018